Checking your Cars Fluids


DIY Car Care: Checking Your Fluids

Making sure your car's fluids are topped off and ready to go is relatively easy and something many drivers can do themselves. Checking your fluids is a simple task and, for the most part, usually just consists of pulling a dipstick. To check your fluids, follow these simple steps!

  1. Park on a flat surface and open the hood.
  2. If the car is cool, check the motor oil by pulling the dipstick all the way out. Wipe it clean with a paper towel then reinsert the dipstick. Pull it back out and read the oil level via the markings on the bottom.
  3. To check your transmission fluid, start the car and leave it in park. Like the oil, pull the dipstick all the way out, wipe it clean, then push it back in. Pull it out once more and make sure the fluid level lands between the two markings.
  4. Checking the brake fluid is simple. Look for a large plastic reservoir and read the fluid levels right off the outside of the plastic.
  5. Like the brake fluid, power steering fluid is simple to check and is located in a plastic reservoir. Cars equipped with electronic power steering will not have a reservoir.
  6. To check your vehicle's coolant level, wait until the engine has cooled then open the reservoir and check visually.
  7. Finally, checking your windshield washer fluid is optional and won't affect how your car runs. Simply look at the reservoir or pull out the meter. Topping off is relatively inexpensive so doing so is up to you!
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