The GMC Terrain has been a beloved model by General Motors owners since it first debuted in 2010. The 2018 model is the beginning of the second generation, and the latest model shows that it will be a strong contender for the 2019 line.
The technological innovations for this vehicle include, but are not limited to, Apple and Android support, ventilated seating, multiple USB chargers, and turbocharged engines. It maximizes comfort by offering dual zone climate controls and memory seating for the driver and front passenger.
For the safety of the vehicle, it has low-speed emergency brakes and lane keep assist. The interior of the car comes in different materials depending on the trims and has plenty of space and cargo to transport supplies, groceries, or whatever one needs. The exterior of the car is designed to be more modern and sleek than the first generation. But these aren’t the only reasons the GMC Terrain is the vehicle for you. 
Designed with the Driver in Mind
This model began in 2010 and replaced the Pontiac Torrent. Designed in response to feedback that the generation was declining in popularity, the 2018 is a complete redesign showing that GM has learned from the appreciations toward its previous generation. The GMC Terrain has four trims, or styles, which are the SL, the SLE, SLT, and the Denali, and every trim comes in either front-wheel or all-wheel drive.
For the interior of the vehicle, it offers a panoramic sunroof, and a push-button shifter. In terms of legroom and headroom, it offers plenty more than its competitors. And for those who want to make a bit of an investment, the seats will be ventilated. These are designed to increase your comfort, which is especially useful for long journeys.
The GMC Terrain comes with multiple options for the interior design. The SL and SLE trims have cloth seating and the SLT and Denali have leather seating. The Denali has memory seating to shape the front seats to its occupants’ body shapes, and the SLT has this option as well. Additionally, the Denali has a heated steering wheel, and this feature is also obtainable for the SL and SLT trims.
It’s 2018, and Your Car Knows it
When it comes to storage the GMC Terrain exceeds its competitors as it offers a large and deep center bin that has two USB ports. One of the reasons for so much space in the front of the vehicle is due to the electronic shifter, which is on the center console. It clears up a lot of space and is demonstrative of the automotive industry’s innovation and maximization of its real estate for its drivers and passengers. The SLT and Denali are also given dual-zone climate control, so the driver and passengers can customize their own temperatures.
The GMC Terrain has even added Wi-Fi hotspots, a favorite upgrade from the 2017 models, which maximized the experience of the passengers more than its drivers. 
Hidden Room without Taking Space
For storage and cargo, the rear seats are a 60/40 split, which is an industry standard. The space in the trunk offers 26.9 cubic feet behind the second-row seats and 63.3 cubic feet when the second row is folded down. While this is not as much space as its competitors, it does offer a significant amount of space for most customers.
What’s exciting is that for drivers who need extra space, the floor of the trunk can open to provide additional cargo room for those rare occasions. And, if necessary, the front passenger seat can be folded flat to provide even more space. This amount of storage in the GMC Terrain is perfect for room to carry anything from groceries to fishing gear to mountaineering and climbing gear needed for weekday and weekend adventures alike.
An Engine that Thinks of the Future
The engine of the GMC Terrain is a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder, and it gets an estimated 40 miles per gallon highway. A turbocharged engine, for drivers unfamiliar with the term, recycles the exhaust the engine exhumes so it can generate more power, and by doing this it creates a higher fuel efficiency, which saves you money.
Additionally, turbocharged engines tend to be smaller, while producing just as much power as the larger, no-turbocharged counterparts. 

Here’s a tip for driving: this type of engine is best suited for people who have a light foot and do not push the pedal to the metal, otherwise it will consume fuel like it is nobody’s business.
For driving itself, it comes equipped with a nine-speed automatic transmission, so drivers can speed (not above the limit) away after purchasing the model at the GMC dealership Hillsboro. With its powerful engine, it produces 252 horsepower, an impressive complete departure from its first generation. In terms of towing power, the 1.5-liter can tow up to 1,500 pounds and the 2.0-liter can pull up to 3,500 pounds.
More than Stunning Looks
The exterior of the vehicle has been completely redone as well. Every model gets its own unique design, but each comes equipped with an HID/LED daytime running lights. It has 17, 18, and 19-inch tires to maximize comfort when driving.
The brakes are 11.8-inches in the front and 11.3-inches in the rear, and the 2.0-liter engine models can upgrade to 12.6-inches. All models have heated and adjustable side-view mirrors. 

The 2018 model also saw about a 250-pound weight reduction, making the car easier to handle. The design itself does away with the box shape of the previous years, and, instead, has a more sleek and aerodynamic shape to maximize fuel economy and for a more modern look that is aesthetically pleasing.
Top of the Line Safety Features
While the safety of the vehicle has not yet been rated, the GMC offers a lot to protect the driver and passengers from many potentially dangerous situations. For example, the 2018 has low-speed emergency brakes, lane keep assist to steer the car gently back into the lane, and automatic high beams. None of these features previously existed in the first generation of the GMC.
It’s obvious that the GMC Terrain completely reinvented its first-generation models to outperform the previous versions. This vehicle is highly recommended for any driver considering a GMC vehicle, so head on over to your local GMC dealership in Hillsboro. If you desire maximize luxury while driving and a vehicle committed to innovation, this should be the next ride in your rotation.

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